Wheelchair Tips For Winter

Maintaining mobility is a must when you live your life in a performance wheelchair. Imagine if your car broke down on the way to work you would feel stranded and stressed out. Being in a wheelchair can have some limitations but with proper maintenance and care, you can be on the go just as the world intended.

Keeping your wheels properly inflated and checking for leaks is a great way to start your maintenance routine. Performance wheelchair wheels are available in many different styles and sizes, and with different hand rim styles. Depending on what type of terrain your tackling or activities you intend to do during your day you can find any wheel that will fit your needs. Keeping your wheels well lubricated during the winter months will ensure they move freely through slush and snow. While ensuring the wheels are in great shape always take a look at the braking system to ensure everything is good there too. Check and make sure the mechanism is working correctly and keeping the chair from moving when locked.

Being comfortable while moving around in your wheelchair is equally as important as mobility. When you’re stuck in one place all day you want to be sure it doesn’t cause you unwanted aches and pains. You can buy a more supportive performance wheelchair backrest that creates a better feeling while using more muscles moving through the winter weather. There are a number of wheelchair seat covers, wheelchair cushion covers, and wheelchair arm pads that help increase your comfort as well. You can switch these pieces up as often as needed during the winter to increase comfort and maintain cleanliness.

Nearly 10% of the world’s population is living with some kind of disability. Do not be discouraged from living the type of life you deserve, disabled or not. There are so many options available for improving comfort, ease of use, safety, and maintenance for all kinds of equipment for people with disabilities. Living an active lifestyle is never off the table in this day and age and limitations are a thing of the past. Finding the right parts and proper maintenance routine for your equipment is very important and will help you get through the days carefree the way it should be.

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