What Health Challenges Are You Facing Entering the New Year?

It has been six months.
Six months and six days actually.
Six months and six days of full time entrepreneurship.

You recently happened upon the post you made the last day of work at your day job, and you were renewed all over again. A half a year ago that girl was on fire.
The stress and workload of owning your own company, however, can sometimes cloud that excitement, so any opportunity to have that flame stoked and renewed is welcomed.
Today, you attended a lunchtime meeting. The version of you that worked used to seven to four could not have made that happen. Next week, you will spend four days in Houston with your mom as she fights for some answers to a very difficult health situation. The day job version of you definitely could not have done that. There is no way that you would have had four vacation days left so late in the year. Owning your own business, however, allows you far more flexibility.

These last six months have been incredible. There is simply no way you could have imagined this for yourself. You look back at yourself the last three year at your day job when you would have coworkers, who knew you were unhappy there, ask if you planned on taking your catering business full-time, and you would laugh at what seemed like a preposterous idea. At the time you were certain you would never be able to replace your income.
Somewhere along the way, however, you realized that a career change was the only way you would truly be happy and, obviously, decided to take the risk.

Now, you cannot begin to explain how grateful you are for everything and every person that has lead you to your current situation. You strive every day to not take a bit of it for granted. You remember the days of hating to get out of bed and get dressed to go to a job you loathed. You remember that all very well.
You are thankful.

When a Cancer Diagnosis Interrupts Your Plans

All of that thankfulness nearly came crashing down yesterday. The diagnosis of cancer stopped you in your tracks. Your husband reminded you, however, that his insurance at work would cover the costs of any and all of the cancer treatments. He reminded you that your new schedule would allow you to care for yourself while still meeting the needs of your customers. With the small staff that you have hired you will be able to meet the holiday party commitments while at the same time giving yourself the time you need to recover from the short regimen of treatments. He reminds you that the cancer support services at the local hospital are some of the best in the state and that you will be able to navigate this challenge.

The latest research indicates that an estimated 268,600 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in women before the year 2019 ends. If you find yourself going into the holidays as one of these new cases it is important that you feel confident about the care that you will receive and the cancer treatment options that are available. It is at this time of the year, however, when family and friends will mean the most. From the friends who stand or sit beside you at work everyday to the family members who will gather around your table for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, most of us have a support group available. The hard part for many people, though, is asking for that help.

Fortunately, the treatment options that are available today can help patients battle diagnosis news more easily than a few decades ago. With the use of the latest targeted cancer treatments available, in fact, there are times when the side effects are limited and the progress is more swift. Finding the right medical team is the first step, and for many patients this can be overwhelming.

Like any task in life, the news of a difficult health condition is easier to manage if you make use of all of your available resources. Staying positive and asking the difficult questions will allow you the strength to face the future.

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