How smartpumps can change the future of health care

Hospital stays are not going anywhere and they seem to be getting more regular by the day with the number of people filling our beautiful planet. With busier hospitals come more nurses, and with more nurses comes more hospital equipment. Most hospital equipment used these days hasn’t changed much and does its job the way it is supposed to. IVs are one of those that hasn’t changed but could use an upgrade. Introducing the new Alaris pump, infusion pumps are used to dispense medications, prescriptions, saline, etc. to patients via IV in hospitals. The Alaris takes the pressure off nurses as they no longer have to manually program the IV units.

Upgrading the infusion pumps in hospitals can create a world of difference when it comes to the amount of stress nurses are already under. Errors happen to anyone at any time but when it happens to a nurse this can be a life or death situation. Infusion pumps can be easy to make a mistake with especially when you are on the run, sleep-deprived, and understaffed. There are two basic kinds of infusion pumps. Large volume pumps that provide nutrient solutions large enough to feed a patient while small-volume pumps infuse hormones or medications. Feeding tubes and IVs require exact numbers and miscalculations are entirely possible, smartpumps can eliminate all of these issues.

New hospital equipment can be a lifesaver for both patients and staff, the newer products are created with versatility and ease of use in mind. Hospital equipment made nowadays is created with busy hospitals in mind making them lightweight and modernized to create a better workplace and stay for patients. The best part of getting new hospital equipment is funding is easier to come by. You can get medical equipment financing, or try medical equipment rentals if they are not quite in the budget or you are unsure of what you would like to buy and want to test out some models first.

Take a look at what MedOne can offer your facility and find out what products can make your life and the lives of others better.

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