How to get your prescriptions delivered to your home

In this YouTube video, HAP Michigan explains how HAP can set a person up for free home delivery of their prescription medications. The services apply to standard prescription medications and specialty medications. The HAP service can be beneficial when seeking home delivery for intravenous prescription.

First, a person should sign up for home delivery by calling the established phone number.

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Alternately, a person can request sign-up by filling out a form online. For those that prefer mail, the document can be printed, filled out, and mailed in. A person will need their health card and a list of all the prescriptions they wish to transfer. A pharmacy advantage representative will contact the person by phone to confirm some information, speak to their doctor, and contact their usual pharmacy on their behalf to assist in completing the transfer. A person should then set up automatic refills. The pharmacy advantage representative can help with this. HAP then delivers a person’s prescriptions directly to the person’s door.

A person should allow four to five business days for the medication to be delivered. The pharmacy advantage representative will work with the person’s doctor to make sure the person doesn’t run out of necessary medications during the transfer.

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