What Can I Go to My Primary Care Doctor For?

Most people have a doctor whom they go to on a regular basis, the doctor dealing with their cornice and long-term health care goals. This is your primary care doctor and as this YouTube video highlights, there are some basic things to know about when you can see your primary care doctor and when you may need more advanced care. As stated in the video, the primary doctor is the one that handles basic medical care and helps you maintain your health and wellness goals. They can prescribe medicines and offer basic level care and also send referrals for more advanced medical care, surgeries, or order specialist treatments for you.

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They can handle many illnesses and health issues so long as they respond to standard treatment procedures.

For example, someone with Type II Diabetes can get care from a primary care doctor, but if they do not respond to that level of care and need something more intensive or advanced, the doctor will likely refer them to a dietitian and diabetic specialist. The same goes for many basic health issues such as hypertension high cholesterol, allergies, asthma, fibro, and many more. When the standard level of care and treatment is not enough, your primary care doctor will help you find a specialist who can assist you further and help you find relief.

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