Should I Consider Medication Assisted Treatment?

Many people have been prescribed opioids to ease pain and make an easier recovery. While this can be helpful, it can often lead to addiction and death from overdose, which is the topic being examined in this video. As the expert in the video, opioid use disorder can happen to anyone. While people are familiar with illegal and hard drugs like heroin, they should also know that some opioids like Vicodin are legal and often prescribed to manage, typically after surgery or an injury. Because they are extremely effective at this and can create a euphoric effect, it’s easy for people to become dependent on these prescriptions if used for the long term.

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Not only that, but as the body’s tolerance for the drug increases, you’ll need more of it to create the same effect, which increases the chance of a lethal overdose. Once addicted to the drug, the person also experiences unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, the video suggests medication-assisted opioid treatment. This involves using medication that is not as addictive as long as you follow the doctor’s orders. Overall, the information in this video can help bring relief to many patients who are dealing with opioid use disorder.

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