Administrative Jobs in the Medical Field

This video guides you on some non-clinical career jobs you can consider in the medical field. Many job opportunities for administrative professionals deal with finances, human resources, and other management areas. Administrative jobs in medical field include hospital administration and management, health information technology, revenue cycle management, and healthcare business consultancy.
The administrative jobs in medical field involve taking care of the paperwork required by doctors to keep their practices running smoothly.

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They may include scheduling appointments, answering phones, managing patient records, and billing patients. These positions typically require at least an associate’s degree, but some may require a bachelor’s degree or higher.
Hospital administration involves overseeing the daily operations of a hospital. Health information technology encompasses data collection and creation of databases for health care professionals and researchers. It also involves the management of patient records and assisting doctors with electronic prescribing. Revenue cycle management specialists help hospitals collect payments from uninsured or underinsured patients who don’t pay their deductibles or co-pays on time.
Healthcare business consultants help doctors create more efficient practices that help reduce overhead costs while increasing profitability. They also work with medical groups to ensure they comply with all state regulations regarding their practice type and size.

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