Visit an Emergency Clinic if You Have These Signs of Food-Borne Illness

It’s important for everyone to know the symptoms of severe food poisoning. In their YouTube video entitled, “Symptoms of Severe Food Poisoning,” the Centers for Disease Control reviewed symptoms that signal severe food poisoning. The video cautioned anyone watching to see a doctor if they have any of these symptoms:

Symptoms of Food Poisoning

A body temperature above 101.5 is a danger signal. A high fever can also cause dehydration.

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Dehydration is another sign of food poisoning. The combination of a high temperature and dehydration can result in a severe strain on the body.

Since the problem entered the body through the gastrointestinal system, that system often shows severe symptoms. Diarrhea for more than three days, or any episode of bloody diarrhea are symptoms of food poisoning. Another symptom is frequent vomiting.

What to Do

If anyone has these symptoms, they should go to an emergency clinic as soon as possible. If these symptoms are present, they should be reported to the local health department. Once food poisoning is reported, the health department will investigate the place where the person ate.

Prolonged symptoms of food poisoning can cause all the organs of the body to be severely compromised. Hospitalization may be needed if the symptoms continue. Once a person notices those symptoms, they should go to an emergency clinic.


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