Aesthetics in 2023: What Are the Most Popular Medical Spa Services?

A medical spa combines spa services with some procedures typically done in a doctor’s office. You can be pampered in the same way as you would at a day spa. Some states require that a medical doctor own and operate a medical spa. Some medical spas will go to the extent of having a plastic surgeon on staff.

What’s it Like at a Medical Spa?

These spas are styled much like a day spa to help you relax. The decor may feature pastel colors and soft spa music. The lighting will likely be subdued, and your treatment room will be comfortable and private, complete with a spa sofa as comfortable as a recliner. The atmosphere will be planned to help you relax.

The services offered at a medical spa are non-surgical. You can still get a mani-pedi, a mud wrap, or a massage. But there are many other services offered at a medical spa. If you’re wondering, ‘What are the most popular medical spa services?’ here is a list of some of them:

Jawline Fillers – Reshape Your Face

Fillers are products injected into the skin to enhance the shape and structure of your jaw. The injection could be made along the angle of the jaw to make your jawline look longer. In contrast, the injection could be made between the jawline and chin for those trying to hide the appearance of jowls.

Fillers such as jawline fillers are a good option for those who want to try out a new profile before having cosmetic surgery. The solutions used in fillers provide a firmness needed to mimic the natural appearance of the chin, such as hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the body’s connective tissues, so it looks natural when injected under your skin.

When you get a jawline filler, the technician sometimes uses an anesthetic cream to minimize discomfort. According to Byrdie dot com, clients can feel a slightly uncomfortable sensation as the solution is injected. The results will be visible after the procedure, typically lasting 6 to 18 months. 1 (When you ask, ‘What are the most popular medical spa services?’, include jawline fillers on that list.

Testosterone Therapy – Reclaim Your Energy

Testosterone is one of the most influential male sex hormones. Men whose doctors have told them they have low ‘T’ (testosterone) levels can receive testosterone replacement treatments at some medical spas. Symptoms that may lead a man with a low ‘T’ to go to the doctor can include low energy, lack of sexual desire, or decreased muscle mass. To receive testosterone therapy, a man must have a low testosterone level in his blood plus symptoms that confirm the decrease in hormone has affected him.

When a man comes to a medical spa to get testosterone therapy, he will meet with the clinician. The clinician will review his blood work and symptoms to determine what hormone dosage they should get. Testosterone can be delivered by applying a gel, a topical patch, an injection, or pellets placed under the skin. These treatments will result in testosterone slowly being absorbed through the skin.

After receiving the testosterone treatment, men have reported an increased energy level. Their strength and muscle mass improve. Most men also report an increase in sexual desire and endurance. When people ask, ‘What are the most popular medical spa services?’ it’s easy to understand why testosterone replacement therapy is included.

Microneedling Treatments – Revive Your Skin

Microneedling uses tiny needles in the top layer of your skin. When the technician inserts the needles into your skin, it initiates the healing process of your skin. During that process, the skin produces more elastin and collagen. Releasing those natural proteins causes the skin to emerge firm and smooth.

Most clients prefer Microneedling on their faces, but it can be applied anywhere you have dangling skin. Doctors can also use Microneedling to deliver medication under your skin. Although it does cause some discomfort, users report that the pain quickly fades. 2

Anyone wondering, ‘What are the most popular medical spa services?’ must remember to include Microneedling.

Teeth Whitening – Restore Your Smile

Many of the services provided in medical spas are related to a person’s appearance. In addition to skin treatments, some medical spas offer services to improve a person’s smile. For example, some medical spas provide teeth whitening services. Those services involve removing stains and yellow coloring from your teeth.

Teeth are often whitened by using an FDA-approved hydrogen peroxide gel. That compound has a mild bleaching action, which can remove stains and yellowing. Some medical spas apply a whitening gel and then shine an LED light on the teeth to remove the stains. Teeth whitening procedures often take multiple sessions to have significant results.

Teeth whitening isn’t permanent. If you eat foods that cause stains, new stains will be deposited on your teeth. Typically, teeth whitening treatments will last six months to two years. Some spas offering teeth whitening confine their services to cosmetic dental procedures. So, if you’re wondering, ‘What are the most popular medical spa services?’ teeth whitening is one dental service that belongs on that list.

Acupuncture Therapy – Reduce Your Pain

Acupuncture has been practiced for centuries for those who have chronic pain. In recent years, its uses have been extended to help those with insomnia, hormonal imbalances, stress, and digestive issues. 3 Acupuncture is based on Chinese medicine and the belief that body fluids carry energy. When tiny needles are inserted into the body strategically, the needles reroute the body’s energy to restore health.

When you go for acupuncture treatment, the acupuncture doctor will take a health history to determine where to place the needles. The doctor or their assistant will let you know which position to lie in. Most of the time, acupuncture clients are fully clothed. Once all the needles are positioned, you’ll be asked to lie still for about 20 – 30 minutes. 4

Researchers who have studied acupuncture have determined that acupuncture needles send signals to the brain, releasing natural painkillers like serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine. Clients who have received acupuncture treatment report minimal pain when the needles are inserted. Many people report that these treatments are effective. Therefore, when deciding ‘what are the most popular medical spa services?’ acupuncture should be prominent.

Floral Facials and Wraps – Refresh Your Spirit

When you go to a medical spa, you may decide to pamper yourself in addition to your medical treatments. Different spas include flowers in different amounts and ways, but those who appreciate and enjoy aromatherapy may offer treatments that involve using flowers. One of the most frequently used flowers for spa treatments is frangipani. In addition to its enchanting fragrance, the flower can detoxify skin and reduce acne.

Orchids are exotic flowers that restore skin moisture, while jasmine has been shown to reduce pigmentation irregularities and promote smooth skin. 5 These flowers are often made into facials and wraps and used for their scents in aromatherapy oil. When asking, ‘What are the most popular medical spa services?’ don’t be surprised to find some flower therapies on the list.

Body Waxing – Remove Excess Hair

You can undergo body waxing at a medical spa when you have excess body hair and want to get rid of it. This treatment has been used for decades to produce smooth, hairless skin. The technician performing this service will apply a warm layer of melted wax on the part of your body being treated. After covering the wax with a thin cloth, the technician will tear the fabric and wax to remove the hair from that part of your body.

The benefit of body waxing (as opposed to other hair removal methods) includes a uniformly smooth result. It is also reported to produce younger-looking skin. Most importantly, body waxing results last longer than shaving. You can get wax placed on any body part with excess hair.

Body waxing results in discomfort, but a professional spa technician will do their best to make the experience as painless as possible. The skin is cleaned before the wax is applied, and pre-waxing powder or oil can be applied. After removing the wax, the technician will use a post-wax lotion (often containing healing solutions such as vitamin E and aloe) to rejuvenate the skin. If asked, “What are the most popular medical spa services?” body waxing may be one of the first services you think of.

IV Vitamin Therapy – Replenish Your System

One popular medical spa treatment is IV infusions. IV infusions are now being offered in medical spas for dehydration, hangover remedies, migraines, and other conditions. When you go to a spa for an IV infusion, a certified nurse will examine you and discuss your medical history. They will help you lie comfortably on a spa recliner or couch, then insert an IV into your arm.

Most of the IV infusions include magnesium and calcium, as well as B vitamins. B vitamins are responsible for providing energy to the body, while magnesium reduces stress and muscle fatigue. Calcium is the main component of your bones, and it pairs well with magnesium. An IV vitamin therapy infusion will take about 20 minutes to an hour.

The IV infusions replenish your body more quickly than taking vitamins by mouth. This efficiency is because if you take them by mouth, the stomach breaks down, and your body can only absorb 50% of those vitamins. By administering the vitamins in your veins, your body will absorb about 90%. When searching the internet for ‘What are the most popular medical spa services?’ it’s likely that IV vitamin therapy will be high on the results list.

Hot Tub Therapy – Reduce Your Muscle Aches

Many people enjoy relaxing in a hot bath after a long day at work, but a hot tub takes that relaxation to the next level. Hot tub therapy has been shown to relax the muscles and improve blood flow. The buoyancy of the water reduces the stress on your joints by 90% (6), so your stress is reduced. This treatment is also known to produce a clear, refreshed mind.

The heat in the water also helps speed up the healing process, reducing inflammation. You should remain hydrated during the therapy to get the most out of a hot tub session. Limit your time in the hot tub to 10 to 15 minutes. When someone asks you, ‘What are the most popular medical spa services?’ hot tub therapy might be one of the services you mention.

Chemical Peels – Revive Your Skin

Chemical peels allow the skin to look younger and more refreshed. When you have a chemical peel, a chemical solution is placed on the skin to remove the top layers of the skin. The procedure can be done by itself or combined with other skin services. The procedure may be a ‘light peel’ and removes only one or two skin layers – or it could be a ‘deep peel,’ which removes more layers of skin.

Some patients experience scars or temporary changes in skin colors. Before your procedure, the staff at the spa will take your medical history and ask about your expectations of the procedure. The doctor will examine your skin to assess its thickness and hydration.

Chemical peels are often done to remove wrinkles and acne scars and to correct uneven skin tone. There are side effects to be aware of when you have a chemical peel. The skin after the peel will be red and swollen for about 24 to 48 hours, although redness can last longer with a deep peel. 6 People asking you, ‘What are the most popular medical spa services?’ may already know chemical peel services.

Medical spas are increasing in popularity because they combine the luxury and pampering of a day spa with the medical services offered at a day spa. You can relax, get your nails and hair done, and have your medical treatments done safely and efficiently. Do an internet search to find a medical spa near you and study the menu. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how they can help you.

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