Top Benefits of Organic Soy Lecithin

Lecithin is a fat-like substance found in all of your cells. It is also in plant cells. The Greek word for lecithin means yoke. One egg will have at least 3362 milligrams of lecithin, while 3.5 pounces have 466 milligrams, one and a half cup of cauliflower has 107 milligrams of lecithin, while one ounce of peanuts has 105 milligrams.

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The liver has a lot of lecithin. Some foods like chocolate and baked goods have lecithin. That lecithin comes from soy. But how is it extracted? Hexane is a component that is used in the extraction of lecithin.

Before you buy any source of lecithin, you need to make sure it is organic soy lecithin. This means it will not be GMO. Lecithin is a common part of all of your cell membranes as well as bile. The best of lecithin will be eggs or meat. What are the benefits of lecithin? Lecithin is great for memory enhancement. It’s also known to help people with ADHD with memory loss. It will help in preventing hair loss. Lecithin triggers bile, hence it is perfect for SIBO. It will help you reduce LDL. Besides, it enhances sperm count hence improving fertility. It will help you with breathing. Since breathing requires lecithin. It will be great for your lungs.


Lecithin is great for memory enhancement.

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