Can Bad Vision Cause Anxiety?

Understanding the connection between vision problems and mental disorders is something doctors are only just now fully beginning to grasp. As touched on in this YouTube video, bionocular vision disorders and other visual problems are believed to have a strong connection and a powerful impact on mental statuses. Our bodies and minds work together to function properly so when vital sense such as vision are disrupted, it can have a powerful impact on the mind as well.

Video Source

This video highlights some of these connections and how issues such as bionocular vision disorders, cataracts, near and far-sightedness and others can affect mood and mental capacity.

There is a lot we are still learning about how the mind works and the connections that exist between the body and the brain. What is know is that there is a clear and demonstrative connection that means taking care of our vision is even more important for our overall mental health and wellbeing. There is a wealth of information available in this video so check it out then contact your health care provider to learn more!.

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