An Overview of Pediatric Services

MossRehab, a part of the Einstein Healthcare Network, is an award-winning rehabilitation service for adults and children in the greater Philadelphia area. Einstein Health looks at some of the services that MossRehab offers for children.

Pediatric out-patient services, including same day pediatric services, are offered at four locations. MossRehab offers speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy for children with injuries such as severe burns or injuries to the brain or spine.

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It also offers programs for children with disorders like cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders, and Down syndrome.

The Elkins Park location offers aquatic or swimming therapy for kids. The benefits for kids with autism or cerebral palsy are that it helps improve coordination, improves breathing abilities, improves muscle tone, and improves concentration.

MossRehab offers services for children of all ages, from babies with congenital defects to teenagers with rheumatoid arthritis. They also help children with developmental disorders be better able to learn schoolwork.

MossRehab tries to get the parents, siblings, and other family members of a patient involved because they are considered the key people for carrying on any therapy work in the home setting. Family members offer more motivation for a patient to hit milestones than just with professional therapy alone.

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