Is Telehealth The Future of Health Care?

Many the world in general today has changed, in one way or another, due in part to the pandemic. One aspect of life that has changed in powerful and obvious ways is how we as a society deal with our health care. The rise of telehealth has been fast and surprising in many ways, but it is change that likely will remain with us for some time to come. This YouTube video touches on this topic and dives into how health care in this country has evolved and what it may look like in the next few years.

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While there will always be urgent and serious matters that need hands on care and attention, the rise of telehealth has shown that many every day simply issues can easily be dealt with from the comfort of our homes. From dealing with the cold or flu to minor infections and injuries, telehealth opens up the door for many people to get the medical care they need when they otherwise would not be able to get to the doctors for a physical appointment. For those in the health care industry and those who rely on medical services, this video is a great overview of the rise of telehealth and is definitely worth watching!.

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