What to Expect at your Gynecologist Appointment

The prospect of a gynecological appointment can be very nerve-wracking for some women. But reproductive health is such a key component to overall wellness, so these appointments cannot be avoided. With a little guidance and preparation though, you can learn what to expect at your appointment so you can walk in with confidence.

Many girls worry that their visit will be “awkward.” While your doctor will ask you some very personal and intimate questions, remember that he/she is a professional.

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Your gynecologist asks these very same questions all day every day to a wide range of patients. While you may be a little embarrassed or timid discussing these topics, they are second nature for a doctor in this field. These conversations are as normal for a gynecologist as a conversation about sports or the weather.

Many girls also worry that the information discussed in their appointment will be revealed to their parents. But fear not. Everything you disclose will be kept confidential. Your doctor is required by law to keep your medical details private. You can share as much or as little with your parents or guardians about your visit, and your doctor cannot confirm nor deny anything. This means that you should be absolutely honest and forthright about your sexual activity and any other details affecting your reproductive health.


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