Using Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Diet hypnosis is a concept that is not widely understood. In this video, a hypnotherapist gives a brief rundown of how it works.

She starts by explaining that hypnosis and weight loss go hand in hand.

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Most people who are overweight have a psychological stance about their weight in association with their self image. Some people who have carry a lot of weight hold onto that weight in order to avoid attention. They don’t want to be noticed so they convince themselves that by staying the same weight, they won’t be. Other people identify themselves with their weight so they worry that if they change it, they wouldn’t know how to act or even who they are. They are frightened by the idea that they will need to go through a period of self discovery.

A key piece of diet hypnosis is guided imagery. Guided imagery allows for someone to visualize what they can look like after the weight loss which can help with the preconceived notions their mind has created for them. Using the subconscious mind to change one’s limiting beliefs is the purpose of using visualized imagery. Grasping the idea that you are in control of your own thoughts is crucial to the success of diet hypnosis.

The main goal of diet hypnosis and hypnotherapy is to maintain the weight loss that is accrued over time. Changing the preconceived, subconscious ideals that hinder the beginning of a person’s weight loss journey is what diet hypnosis is all about.

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