The Organization of Emergency Rooms

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The emergency room is a stressful environment. It can be quite chaotic because it’s the place that handles emergencies, which are unpredictable and hard to control by their nature. It requires expert staff and good organization to properly run emergency rooms. This video shows how to organize an effective ER.

The first thing an emergency room needs is a way for people to quickly get there. The medical professionals in the ER cannot go out and find the emergencies. They need to technology and resources provided at the hospital. People with healthcare emergencies need to be able to contact an ambulance to get them to the ER quickly.

If the patient takes an ambulance, the EMTs in the vehicle run diagnostic tests and get key pieces of information that they then pass onto the medical pros at the ER. The ER will prioritize patients with a triage system. This is a system that dictates when a person is seen based on the severity of their emergency.

People worse off are seen right away, while more minor injuries will need to wait. It can be frustrating for individuals with “minor” injuries that are still unpleasant, but it’s necessary to save lives.

For more information, check out the video above.

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