How Do Water Distillers Work?

Most of us aren’t familiar with the process of how water distillers work. But, understanding this process is not only beneficial for your own knowledge, but also in case something happens where you need to distill your own water. keep reading to learn how water distillers work.

There are a lot of steps involved in water distillers. First, you’ll need to turn it on by turning on the water value and all switches.

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Next, you will tighten the lids and then water fills the boiling chamber. When this happens, the element and fan come on because the boiling water creates steam. Now a fan is used to cool and condensation occurs. Now the pure water fills the storage tanks. Floats are used to control the machine.

Once the tank is full, the auto flush opens, flushing impurities to the drain. Now you can use the water to fill up bottles or put taps on the sink.

While this process is for a water distiller machine, a similar process can be used to distill water at home or while camping. At the end of the day, you’ll need fire or heat and a couple of pots.

To learn more about how water distillers work, watch the video above!


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