Understanding the Process of Wastewater Treatment and Services

With the population of the world constantly increasing, having access to clean drinking water is essential to the survival of people. Many large cities and areas have developed wastewater treatment plants in order to give more people access to clean drinking water. Though it may make some squeamish at first, understanding the process of wastewater treatment and services can highlight the important role it has in society.

The first step of the process is wastewater being filtered through bar screens. They are in place to stop large items from going through the plant and affecting the machinery.

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This can include things such as branches, garbage, and other debris. This stage of the process is typically called pretreatment.

The next step of the pretreatment process is the water being run through grit chambers. These chambers are designed to capture dirt and smaller particles that were able to make it through the initial bar screens. This is important because the particles of sand and smaller rocks cannot be removed from the water with any chemicals which could clog and destroy the pumps if left unaddressed.

For additional information on understanding the process of wastewater treatment and services, please review the attached video.


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