10 Crucial Gym Equipment for an Ideal Home Gym

Do you lack finances to fund your gym fees and a daily commute to the gym? Do you dislike the crowded nature of the gym? Worry no more! A well-equipped home gym is your perfect solution. But what exercise equipment should such a gym have in it? This post presents to you ten essential home gym equipment from Fitness Warehouse, which you’ll need to create a well-equipped home gym.

Here are the ten vital non-fancy equipment that you need for your home gym.

A Yoga Mat

Whether you have wooden flooring or a carpet in your home, it’s advisable to get yourself a non-slip surface to serve as your workout area. You can do your strength and weight training exercises on such a mat, and you could also use it for Yoga sessions. The rug should be made from materials that are easy to clean and wipe.

Such mats are perfect spots for doing squat jumps, chest presses, push-ups, and lunges.

Resistance Bands

Your home or garage gym is incomplete if you lack any a set of resistance bands. These bands are versatile exercising tools, which allow you to do a multitude of exercises once anchored to a wall or your door.

Bench or Chair

Benches or chairs allow you to change exercising levels to either make the exercises easier or harder than before. For instance, you can put your arms or legs on the bench to do pushups while your other limbs touch the floor. Depending on your position, this move hardens or eases the strenuous nature of the exercise.

Squat Racks from Fitness Warehouse

Squat racks will assist you in getting your barbells in position for your lifting exercises. Without a squat rack, you may never press or squat considerable weight. The frame is vital when training alone because it also acts as your spotter.

Ideal squat racks should have spotting and built-in safety devices that can allow you to lift heavy weights without exposing yourself to injury. The frame may also come equipped with pull up bars where you can also attach your gymnastic rings.


Kettle-bells can get your heart rate high, and they are ideal for power movements. They’re excellent tools for lower body workouts. You are strong, and you can outgrow your small dumbbells when it comes to lunges, squats, and leg exercises. At such a point, the kettle-bells become helpful.

Dumbbell Sets from Fitness Warehouse

Your dumbbell set is a crucial gym equipment collection. You should get a collection that ranges from very light to very heavy. But the choice should be based on the user group profile. This set of equipment comes in different shapes and sizes, and they’re made from different materials. Plastic-coated ones are preferable because they can’t be too hard on your floor, and they can come in varying colors.


Fitness Warehouse treadmills are perfect for a cardio workout where you need a slow release of energy and fast pumping of the heart. You’ll need a treadmill with changeable speed, inclines, and an accessory that monitors the heart rate.

Exercise or Fitness Balls

Fitness balls are ideal for core exercises, and there are lots of activities that can get designed around the fitness ball. You can use it to add stability challenges to exercise moves such as plank knee tucks, dead bugs, bicep curls, and chest presses.

Pull-Up Bar and Frame

This equipment will help you to do pull-ups and chin-ups. If you buy a squat rack with an included pull-up on the top of its structure, then you save on the cost of creating an independent frame.

Stationary Bicycle

Like conventional bikes, the stationary bicycle can substitute a treadmill in facilitating your exercises directed towards building cardiovascular endurance in aerobic fitness.

A third of U.S citizens get Type-II diabetes during their life. But engaging in regular physical activity can help all people in avoiding diabetes. If you want to stay healthy and away from diabetes, then go to Fitness Warehouse and get yourself these ten essential fitness equipment for your home gym today!

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