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An Overview of Pediatric ServicesAn Overview of Pediatric Services

MossRehab, a part of the Einstein Healthcare Network, is an award-winning rehabilitation service for adults and children in the greater Philadelphia area. Einstein Health looks at some of the services that MossRehab offers for children. Pediatric out-patient services, including same day pediatric services, are offered at four locations. MossRehab offers speech therapy, occupational therapy, and […]

Diagnostic Imaging ExplainedDiagnostic Imaging Explained

In this video, you will learn about medical imaging services. There are four common types of imagery used for evaluating possible fractures, dislocations, or infections. An x-ray has limitations. It is only a two-dimensional image. Video Source Physiotherapists also use CT scans when they are conducting medical imaging. These images are 3-dimensional. It can expose […]